[BUG] Quester Action : LoadSettings

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[BUG] Quester Action : LoadSettings

Post by DartKotik » Wed Mar 18, 2020 2:13 pm

After your correction LastQuesterProfile viewtopic.php?f=99&t=11610 this error occurs. This log means:

1. LoadProfile action loads "Gather VIP.amp.zip"
2. New loaded profile has action LoadSettings "Quest"
3. In the Quest settings LastQuesterProfile is "Storyline.amp.zip" and after loading new settings current profile changes to "Storyline.amp.zip" instead continuing "Gather VIP.amp.zip"
4. "Storyline.amp.zip" profile has action LoadSettings "Story", but last loaded profile in this settings is "Gather VIP.amp.zip" loaded in #1.
5. After loading new settings current profile changes to "Gather VIP.amp.zip" and we get loop.

After few iterations settings are broken and is droped to default.

Code: Select all

[16:59] Action set to : LoadProfile Gather VIP.amp.zip
[16:59] LoadProfile Gather VIP.amp.zip completed (success)
[16:59] Neverwinter_Protectors_Enclave loaded from profile zip !
[16:59] Action set to : LoadSettings
[16:59] Story profile settings saved !
[16:59] Load AutoUCC customclass...
[16:59] Quest profile settings loaded !
[16:59] LoadSettings completed (success)
[16:59] Action set to : |>START<|
[16:59] Action set to : EnableCombat
[16:59] IgnoreCombat set to False
[16:59] IgnoreCombat set to False
[16:59] EnableCombat completed (success)
[16:59] Action set to : ChangeSettingValue : Loot => True
[16:59] ChangeSettingValue : Loot => True completed (success)
[16:59] |>START<| completed (success)
[16:59] IgnoreCombat set to False
[16:59] Action set to : Prepare
[16:59] Action set to : LoadSettings
[16:59] Quest profile settings saved !
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